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How to change the password of intelligent electronic lock?

In swimming pools, gyms, libraries and other crowded places, the safe and convenient use of intelligent electronic locks is crucial. In actual use, it is necessary to follow a cabinet or a lock and a user to ensure that each user enjoys the security and privacy of the cabinet exclusively during use.

This often requires that intelligent electronic locks have a fixed mode and a temporary mode.MK731 intelligent electronic lock switch between private mode and public mode freely, respectively, suitable for special use or shared by many people. So, under the two modes, how to change the password of the intelligent electronic lock? What should users do? It has easy use to the locker.

Fixed mode: Change the user password

On the MK731 intelligent electronic lock, press the “*” key, enter the four-digit user password, then press the “#”key, input the new four-digit password, and then press the “#” key to end. If the new password can open the lock, the password is set successfully.

Temporary mode: Change the user password

Enter the four-digit password to set the user password, and MK731 will automatically lock after 3 seconds. Enter the user password to unlock, and the user password is cleared. The user password is valid once, and the lock will remain open until the next user enters the four-digit password.

How to MK731 intelligent electronic lock change from a fixed mode to a temporary mode? Administrator press the “*” key, input the management password and press the “#” key,then press 06, and finally press the“#”key to end. If you want the temporary mode changes to the fixed mode, you only need to change “06” to “07”, and the other steps are the same. After the green LED light flashes twice, a long “drip” sound indicates that the setting is successful.

To sum up, MK731 intelligent electronic lock password change is very simple. In addition, if the user forgets the password, there is no way to open the lock by changing the password, the administrator can use the master key to unlock. It can be seen that the MK731 intelligent electronic lock is a good lock for the storage cabinet in public places.



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