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 Where is the high-end locker lock “high-end” than the ordinary locker lock?

In today’s society, individuals are increasingly inclined towards selecting products of superior quality, rather than solely relying on low prices. For instance, when it comes to locker locks, people are more inclined to invest in acquiring high-end locker lock to enhance the security of their locker.

Where is the high-end locker lock “high-end” than the ordinary locker lock? What are the crucial criteria that can be used to measure this distinction? By delving into the unique features of the touch screen electronic lock MK735,we will explore together with you.


Security assurance serves as the cornerstone of lock functionality and constitutes a vital consideration in lock procurement.MK735 integrates a renowned MCU and touchscreen chip, enhancing the lock’s performance and rendering it more robust compared to ordinary locker locks. The formidable “core” fortifies the security perimeter, ensuring the safety of your possessions remains undisturbed.

2.Material and Craftsmanship

Anti-prying functionality is a fundamental element of lock, and the anti-prying mechanism of high-end locker locks is surpassing that of ordinary ones. MK735 is made of a rugged zinc alloy material, with anti-pry design ,much safer on isolated design of the inner unlocking execution sturcture. Even if the panel is pried open, unlocking it still cannot be unlocked , thereby providing multiple layers of security escort for your possessions.


Beyond possessing a stylish exterior, high-end locker locks should embody intelligent features.MK735 has full screen classic design that perfectly fit various lockers such as metal locker, wood locker,plastic locker. Its have many intelligent features including automatic timing unlock with low power consumption, 7mm ultra-wide digital spacing,three-level management,one lock can switch between public moda and private mode freely.


4.Quality Certification

In crucial standards, high-end locker locks surpass ordinary ones. MK735 was awarded the CE certification, complying with international electromagnetic compatibility standards to ensure quality. Furthermore, It has strong surface treatment, with an anti-microbial rate exceeding 97%, promoting a coexistence of health and safety. Passing the IP65 rating test, it can be waterproof and dustproof, suitable for diverse environments and meeting various scenario requirements.


In summary, the superiority of high-end locker locks over standard ones lies in their security, materials and craftsmanship, intelligence, and quality certification. Due to its excellent quality , MK735 has become one of the reasons why many users choose high-end locker locks.




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