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The unlocking methods of RFID electronic locks

For RFID electronic lock, most people may feel unfamiliar, but as long as the mention of using cards, bracelets and Mobile NFC to unlock, it will be well understood.The secret of RFID electronic lock lies in the use of Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) to achieve the purpose of intelligent unlocking.

Radio frequency identification technology is a kind of automatic identification technology, non-contact two-way data communication through radio frequency, the use of radio frequency to record media (electronic tag or radio frequency card) to read and write, so as to achieve the purpose of identification and data exchange.


The application of RFID technology means that RFID electronic locks can only be opened after being verified by RFID information, thus achieving highly automated and secure management.

In daily life, we mainly use electronic cards, bracelets and mobile NFC to open locks.When they close to or touch the card reading area of the electronic lock, the lock will automatically unlock after reading the legal information.


Card unlock

Card unlocking is realized by embedding an RFID tag with an electronic lock on the card. MK732 is an electronic lock that uses card swiping to unlock, which has an emergency open master key, can be freely switched between private use and public use mode, three-level user management system and other characteristics, is an ideal choice for intelligent security systems.

Bracelet unlock

Unlocking the bracelet is achieved through the RFID chip built into the bracelet.The corresponding lock is the MK726, which is widely used in many occasions with a number of advantages.Advantages include: each lock can have more than 100 users, user management is divided into three levels, safe use, easy management;Bracelet is easy to carry, no key loss worries;ABS material can be waterproof and moistureproof, a wide range of applications.

Mobile phone NFC unlock

Mobile phone NFC unlocking is achieved by using a mobile phone with NFC function.MK729 supports Android phones with NFC.In fixed mode, mobile phone can be used as user card;In temporary mode, no administrator authorization is required. It can also open lock with card and master key, providing more flexibility and convenience for users.

Through the above three unlocking methods, RFID electronic lock realizes the advantages of no key, convenient operation, flexible use and management, which greatly improves the user experience compared to the traditional key unlocking method.



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