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These two modes of office furniture locks are super easy to use!

In modern office spaces, office furniture is an essential facility. For example, common file cabinets, file cabinets, office drawers, office storage cabinets, provide convenience for the daily office work of enterprises and office workers.

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There are various types of office furniture, and the usage environments and application scenarios are naturally more diverse! At this time, office furniture locks that only have security functions seem to be somewhat “inadequate” and face more diverse functional requirements.

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Lock manufacturer MAKE provide office furniture locks with two modes that can be set, namely private mode and public mode. Are you still confused between these two modes? Let’s find out together today~



Private mode: suitable for fixed personnel, mostly used for file cabinets, file cabinets and office furniture with high confidentiality. In this mode, the lock is in a normally closed state. When using it, you need to enter a password to unlock it. The password can be valid for a long time.


Public mode: suitable for use in open public office spaces. Especially public lockers and lockers in offices can be used in public mode when there are visitors or mobile workers. In this mode, the lock is in a normally open state. Users need to set their own passwords to lock and unlock when using it. The password will become invalid after the cabinet is opened.

MAKE office furniture locks also have functions such as a three-level management system and emergency key unlocking, which improve the safety of office furniture and facilitate office furniture management. The lock adopts a standard installation hole design, which is easy to install and will not damage the office furniture, reducing the replacement and maintenance costs of office furniture locks.



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