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Trust me! This MAKE smart locker lock is really nice!

With the development of society, in order to provide users with a more convenient experience, lockers in major places have gradually been replaced with smart locker locks. Smart locker locks not only have rich functions, but are also simple to use and very convenient to manage.

As a locker security solution provider, MAKE smart locker lock MK730 has multiple functions and various user-friendly designs. It is safe and worry-free to use. It is really nice!

smart locker lock

Slim panel, simple and elegant

The lock body of MK730 is made of all metal (zinc alloy). The lock body has round and smooth lines and an excellent feel. The overall design looks calm and full of texture. The panel is as thin as 1cm and can perfectly fit all kinds of lockers.

10-digit password, safe and secure

MK730 uses a password button to unlock, and there is no need to wake up when using it. The password can be freely combined with 10 digits, and the huge number of password combinations makes more secure. The password is set and changed by the user, and the lock can be unlocked by entering the password, which is easy to operate.

IP65 waterproof and anti-corrosion grade

In the application scenario of lockers, the ability to be waterproof and rust-proof is a must-have test for locker locks. If the locks do not undergo rigorous surface treatment, they are prone to rust, corrosion and other problems, affecting the normal use of the locker.

MK730 has undergone multiple strick surface treatments for waterproofing and anti-corrosion, and has passed the IP65 waterproof and anti-corrosion level. It can meet the needs of locker locks in public storage/bathingcenters/natatoriums/gym/campus/hospitals/offices/government affairs and other places.

Free switching between two modes for flexible management

MK730 is equipped with public mode and private mode, which can meet the needs of both personal use and public use. At the same time, the two modes can be freely switched. Users do not need to purchase new locks when changing modes, which is convenient and practical.

Emergency lock cylinder, emergency unlocking

In order to meet the emergency needs of the locker, there is an emergency lock cylinder and equipped with a master key. Its purpose is to provide users with an emergency unlocking function when the electronic lock cannot be opened normally, so that users can unlock the lock without damaging the lock or locker. It can be unlocked in an emergency to ensure the safety of users’ belongings in an all-round way.

Such a versatile, safe and worry-free smart locker lock, doesn’t it look really nice? If you want to know more, please contact us now~



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