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Smart tool cabinet lock, say “NO” to traditional tool cabinets

The tool cabinet is mainly used to store various tools and parts, so as to realize classified storage and fixed location management. As an important part of the tool cabinet, the tool cabinet lock can not only ensure the safety of tools and parts, prevent loss of tools, but also effectively reduce tool access time and improve production efficiency.

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The locks used in traditional tool cabinets are mainly mechanical locks, which have many pain points in use: low security makes tools easy to lose, and the daily management of tool cabinets is difficult. MAKE provides smart tool cabinet locks, which solve the problem of traditional tool cabinet locks and let users say“no”to traditional tool cabinets.

MK731 is a smart keypad lock with ultra-thin panel and high security quality, which can provide intelligent solutions for tool cabinets. MK731 is made of zinc alloy material, all metal lock body, strong and durable. The 10-digit password combination has a high safety factor and is not easy to be cracked, which can meet the daily security protection needs of the tool cabinet.


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The application scenarios of the tool cabinet include indoor and outdoor, and the requirements for the waterproof and anti-corrosion ability of the tool cabinet lock are relatively high. MK731 has IP65 protection level, has passed strict life and salt spray tests, and has strong waterproof and anti-corrosion capabilities, which can meet the needs of tool cabinets in different usage scenarios.

Daily management is a big problem for tool cabinets. MK731 has multi-level management levels: management level, user level, and manager level. Users of different levels can be assigned different access rights. It is very suitable for tool cabinet equipment that needs to be managed, improving management efficiency and level.

In addition, MK731 also has the function of free switching between temporary and fixed modes. Temporary mode is suitable for public tool cabinets, which can be authorized for users according to their needs. The fixed mode is used to manage the tool cabinet by a special person, with high security, safety and reliability.

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MK731 is available in two styles: horizontal and vertical. The standardized mounting holes are convenient for replacing the original mechanical lock, which will neither damage the cabinet nor the door. It has strong adaptability, and users can freely choose and customize according to their needs.

MAKE smart tool cabinet lock makes tool cabinets farewell to traditional use and management  methods.



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