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How does the MAKE four-digit combination lock provide assistance for the locker?

Lockers are nothing new in today’s life. The appearance of the locker liberates the hands of users, allowing users to have fun in various public scenes such as supermarkets, amusement parks, swimming pools, and gymnasiums, without restraint.

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However, since the lockers are faced with a huge flow of people every day, a suitable lock can provide rapid response speed and high safety factor, so that users can “let go” and feel at ease. As a professional supplier of locks for lockers, MAKE provides professional security solutions for all kinds of lockers.

combination lock

MK718 is one of the cabinet lock series products of MAKE. The code is composed of four digits. When in use, only the correct four digits of the dial can be used to unlock the lock. The code is simple and easy to remember, and the operation is convenient and quick. The design of auto scrambling and quick code finding makes it more worry-free to use while preventing code leakage.

Metal lock body, simple atmosphere

combination lock 

MK718 is made of zinc alloy material, and the surface is treated by special processes such as powder spraying and painting. The shape of the lock adopts diamond-cut rough surface technology, with sharp edges and corners, full of artistic beauty. The product has passed the rigorous salt spray test, 100 grid test and reverse solution test. It is not easy to wear, but also resistant to moisture, heat and corrosion, and can be used outdoors.

Auto scrambling function, password leakage prevention

four-digit combination lock  

In the use of mechanical combination locks, it is very important to prevent password leakage. MK718 has an auto scrambling function. When the user unlocks the lock, the codes willgo back to 0-0-0-0, which will not cause the password to be leaked, and there is no need to manually disrupt the codes.This not only prevents the code from being leaked, but also protects the user privacy and property security are guaranteed.

Emergency key, free from worry

four-digit combination lock  

Another advantage of MK718 is that it is equipped with an emergency management key. When the user forgets the code, the management key can be used to unlock the lock in an emergency, and the code can also be retrieved quickly through the combination of the main key, which is convenient for the management of the locker staff and user.



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