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How does the MAKE RISE series subvert traditional smart electronic locks?

With the development of the industry, the smart electronic lock industry is constantly ushering in new changes. Manufacturers of smart electronic locks, such as MAKE, are constantly optimizing the security performance and functions of smart electronic locks, bringing different user experience to users and realizing all-round protection.


smart electronic locks

As a new series launched by MAKE, how does RISE series smart electronic lock subvert the imagination of traditional smart electronic locks? Let’s find out !

Textured appearance, high-end quality

The RISE series lock body is made of all metal (zinc alloy), with rounded and smooth lines and excellent hand feeling. Full-screen classic design, the entire lock is seamless, with strong metal texture, which can highlight the high-end texture.

smart electronic locks


The product has MAKE’s unique “wave line” and “smile curve”, which not only increases the aesthetics of the product, but also represents our smiling service ,which is highly recognizable and unique.

Smart unlock, convenient and fast

RISE series smart electronic locks adopt RFID, password identification, APP unlocking methods, which not only have high intelligence, but also feel full of security when used.

smart electronic locks


At the same time, the RISE series locks are sensitive and responsive. You only need to swipe lightly or enter the password, or through the mobile phone APP, to achieve quick response and unlocking, which is convenient and fast, and solves the problem of forgetting or losing the key.

Multi-level management, security protection


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RISE series smart electronic locks can generally set up a multi-level management system for managers, managers and users. The management system level and authority are different. It is more convenient to manage while ensuring security.

Health and safety

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The coating material of the RISE series zinc alloy body and the silicone keypad have antibacterial ingredients, which can effectively inactivate and inhibit bacteria and viruses common in life such as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, thus ensuring the health and safety of users .

MAKE smart electronic lock RISE series, wholeheartedly brings you different protection.



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