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MAKE’s four-digit combination lock protects the locker

In modern urban life, public places such as bath centers, gymnasiums, and swimming pools are ubiquitous, and lockers are indispensable in these places. With the improvement of public security awareness, users have also put forward higher requirements for the security and experience of lockers.

four-digit combination loc 

Among the locks used in lockers in public places, the four-digit combination lock is a more common type. With the continuous development of the industry, the four-digit combination lock is constantly improving in terms of appearance, performance and safety, so as to better protect the locker. The four-digit combination lock MK718 is such a lock.

four-digit combination lock

In order to make the product more high-end, MK718 has been optimized in appearance. The product is made of zinc alloy material, with high-quality surface treatment, the appearance is simple and elegant. The unique ” Diamond cutting” is carefully polished and elegant, which enhances the visual beauty.

four-digit combination lock

Hand feel is often an important detail of the locker lock, which improves the user experience in subtle ways. MK718 adopts an all-metal lock body, the lock body is round and curved, and it feels comfortable to hold.

four-digit combination lock

In order to facilitate the use and management of the locker, MK718 also has the functions of automatically returning to “0”, quickly finding and changing the password. The “auto-zero” function can prevent the user’s password from leaking; when the password is forgotten, the management key can be used to unlock the lock in an emergency, which facilitates the management of the staff and allows users to use it without any worries!

It is precisely by the above functions and advantages that MK718 four-digit combination lock can successfully escort the safety of the locker!



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