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MAKE smart electronic lock, how to make the sense of security everywhere?

Since the birth of smart electronic locks, it has quickly occupied half of the lock industry with the advantages of safety, convenience and intelligence. With the development of the industry, the functions have been continuously improved, and the sense of technology has become stronger and stronger.


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However, no matter how the smart electronic lock develops, it is bound to be inseparable from a core function: that is to provide users with a sufficient sense of security. And MAKE smart electronic lock products, relying on powerful performance and various functions, allow users to feel a sufficient sense of security at any time.

Stable performance

In order to solve this problem, MAKE smart electronic lock adopts high-quality chips to ensure the stable performance. AA or AAA alkaline dry batteries are used, with high battery capacity, long battery life and relatively constant discharge performance. It can be unlocked more than 10,000 times continuously and has a long service life.

When the battery is too low, there will be a sound and indicator light warning when unlocking to remind the user to replace the battery in time to ensure normal use.

As user needs change, many smart electronic locks now have management functions. Meike smart electronic lock has set up a four-level management system, from managers to users, all have the right to open it. The multi-level management system and the setting of different usage rights allow managers to have a more convenient management experience.

At the same time, MAKE smart electronic lock also has a public and private mode, which can realize two usage modes of “multi-person public” and “dedicated person”. The two modes can be switched freely without changing the lock, reducing the occupation of the locker , increasing usage.

Higher level of security protection

The shell of MAKE smart electronic lock is designed with zinc alloy, which is durable, has excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, and is not afraid of harsh environments. The protection level is IP65, which can be truly waterproof and anti-corrosion, especially suitable for humid environments such as gyms, swimming pools, and bathing centers.

For more secure, the zinc alloy material and silicone keys of MAKE smart electronic locks have added antibacterial components, which can resist a variety of bacteria and have excellent antibacterial effects, and have been certified by authoritative organizations.

Stable performance, convenient management and safe protection make the security sense of MAKE electronic locks everywhere. If you want to make your home more secure and your personal privacy more secure, then hurry up and choose MAKE smart electronic lock!



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