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MAKE electronic locker lock——MK735

With the widespread use of public lockers, smart electronic locker locks have become a new choice for public lockers. The electronic locker lock can be opened and unlocked in a variety of ways, such as password, fingerprint, RFID, etc. Smart electronic locker locks not only provide convenience, security and ease of use, but also provide a range of smart functions, making them a recommended choice for public lockers.


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There are various types of electronic locker locks and they provide different functions. How can you choose a suitable electronic locker lock? Locker lock manufacturer MAKE will recommend it to you!


MAKE keypad lock MK735 adopts a famous chip and is sensitive. It responds quickly after entering the password and unlocks quickly, bringing you a convenient and fast use experience.

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MK735 has three-level management system, corresponding to different usage rights. It is equipped with multiple functions such as temporary and fixed mode switching and status prompts, making the daily management of locks easier.

It is also equipped with an emergency unlocking lock cylinder. When the management card is lost or the smart electronic lock is out of power, the master key can be used for emergency unlocking.


To ensure safe use, antibacterial ingredients are added to the coating materials of the MK735 silicone keypad and zinc alloy body. The antibacterial ability reaches more than 97%. The effect is excellent and safe to use!

MAKE keypad combination lock brings users an extraordinary experience and MK735 is a highly recommended choice for anyone who needs a reliable and high-quality electronic locker lock.



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