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What should we do if forget four-digit combination lock password?

In daily life, four-digit combination lock has gradually integrated into our lives. However, life is always full of accidents and surprises. The four-digit combination lock that is still used today may soon forget the previous password in two days.

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What should we do when forget the password for the four-digit combination lock? Don’t worry, today china lock provider MAKE is here to tell the solution with you!

1. Use the emergency key to unlock

When using password locks, it is inevitable that you will encounter the situation of forgetting the password. Breaking the lock or destroying the locker? At this time, the importance of the emergency lock cylinder becomes apparent!

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MAKE’s four-digit combination lock is equipped with an emergency lock cylinder. When the password is forgotten, the emergency mechanical key can be used to emergency unlock the lock, protecting the lock and cabinet from damage and reducing losses.

2. Use the password retrieval function

When we forget the password, in addition to using the emergency key, we must also remember to retrieve the password in time~

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MAKE’s four-digit combination lock has password retrieval function. When the password is forgotten, the user can insert the master key into the emergency lock cylinder and rotate it counterclockwise to a specific position, and then turn the wheel from right to left until it cannot be moved. Until then, the code displayed at this time is the current password.

MAKE’s four-digit combination lock has simple and elegant appearance and can be matched with cabinets made of various materials to enhance the appearance of the cabinet.

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It can be equipped with scramble dial function. After the lock is opened, all the dials will auto scramble to 0-0-0-0 to prevent password leakage and improve the safety of use.


In addition, MAKE’s four-digit combination lock can also provide two modes, private and public, to meet the needs of individual independent and public open use scenarios.

For more information about the four-digit combination lock, please continue to follow MAKE lock manufacturer!



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