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MAKE combination cam lock has these functions?

The combination lock is a commonly used lock, especially the four-digit combination lock. When it comes to password turn tongue locks, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the functions and advantages of password unlocking and no need for keys. But in addition to password unlocking, combination cam lock can also be equipped with many functions, which not only provide us with security protection, but also make use and management more convenient.


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What other functions does the combination cam lock have? Follow lock manufacturer MAKE to find out!

The scramble function is a unique feature of the MAKE combination cam lock. When lock and unlock, the code will go back to 0-0-0-0, eliminating the need for the user to deliberately disrupt the code, effectively preventing password leakage and greatly improving the security of use.


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The emergency unlocking function is an essential function of the MAKE combination cam lock. When we forget the password, we can use the emergency key to unlock the door urgently, or we can quickly retrieve the password through the emergency key search password which not only facilitates management, but also saves users the trouble of forgetting the password.

In order to meet the various needs of different usage scenarios, MAKE combination cam locks can also provide public and private modes. Private mode is suitable for fixed personnel, and the password is valid for a long time after being set. In this mode, the lock is generally closed, and you need to enter a password to unlock it when using it.


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The public mode is mostly used for lockers in open or public places, and is suitable for multi-person who need to store or store items. In this mode, the lock is open. Users need to set their own passwords to lock and unlock when using it. After opening the cabinet and taking out items, the password becomes invalid until the next user resets the password.

The above are some of the special functions of MAKE’s combination cam lock. With the above functions, MAKE combination lock provides sufficient security protection for the majority of users, making daily use and management more convenient and safer!



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