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Locker lock MK729, fully protect the safety of lockers

In the busy urban life, each of us longs for a private space of our own, a place where we can safely store our personal belongings without worrying about being disturbed. A high-quality locker lock is a good choice to realize this wish.

Locker lock

Locker lock

Locker lock MK729 brings you a different experience with its safe design, smart and convenient operation and stylish and beautiful appearance.

MK729 adopts metal body, which is sturdy and durable, giving users stable and reliable quality. The inner compartment of the lock adopts an anti-pry lock design, and the panel is separated from the unlocking execution structure of the inner compartment. Even if the panel of the induction electronic lock is pried open, the lock cannot be unlocked, thus ensuring the safety of the locker lock.

MK729 uses electronic induction unlocking and is compatible with mobile phone NFC. When unlocking, NFC can be used to replace the card or bracelet, saving you the trouble of using it. When in fixed mode, the phone can be used as a user card to directly unlock; in temporary mode, it can be unlocked without administrator authorization. At the same time, MK729 also retains functions such as a three-level management system, master key emergency unlocking, and free switching between public and private modes to make management more in place.

Locker lock

Locker lock

In terms of appearance design, MK729 also tries to touch your heartstrings. It adopts a full-screen classic design with rounded and smooth lines and a delicate feel. The entire lock is integrated and has a strong texture, which is more in line with the high-end feel. During installation, only two standard mounting holes are needed for installation, which will cause less damage to the cabinet and can perfectly fit various cabinets.

The surface of MK729 has been rigorously treated and has an IP65 protection level. It is waterproof and moisture-proof, meeting the needs of multiple scenarios. At the same time, MK729 has a new antibacterial function, and its antibacterial ability can reach more than 97%.

A good locker lock can not only make your life more convenient and safer, but also bring you safety and comfort. When you choose locker lock MK729, you choose safety and peace of mind.



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