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MK732 Smart metal RFID Lock

Material:Zinc alloy

Finished:Satin chrome

Power supply:3 X AA alkaline batteries

Input Voltage:DC4.5vDC4.5V

Static Power:≤35uA

Dynamic Power:≤200mA

Temperature:-15℃ ~ 65℃

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  • RFID operation: Easier operation.
  • All metal housing: Elegant, more attractive appearance.
  • Mifare System: 13.56MHZ frequency.
  • Three-level management: Main admin, Admin, User.
  • Public and Private mode: Same lock can switch between public mode and private mode freely.
  • Master key: Emergency unlocking.
  • Auto unlock/lock: The deadbolt lock and unlock automatically.
  • Flexible installation: Lock housing and battery parts are separated, available to fix on different door thickness locker.
  • Low battery warning: Low battery indicator.


This smart metal RFID lock supports almost Mifare solutions in the area of 13.56MHz, which is compatible with already existing Mifare one system. In addition, there are three level system for user administration. It is made from top quality zinc alloy ,which has many years to come. Compared with ordinary lock, there is no external programming devices needed of this smart metal RFID lock. In case of accident situation, our lock is equipped with master key for emergency opening. What’s more, it is ideal for school, office, airport, gym, spa,golf, swimming pool , sauna, and it is suitable for all type of lockers, doors-plastic metal, laminate etc.

Q: When will you arrange the production?
A: We usually arrange the production immediately after receiving your payment if we have the item in stock. Otherwise, please confirm with us for lead time.

Q: What is RFID smart lock?
A: An RFID door lock is a type of electronic lock that you access using credentials like key fobs or key cards that are powered by RFID technology. RFID (radio frequency identification) technology uses electromagnetic fields to enable communication between two devices: tags and readers.

Q: How secure are RFID locks?
A: Traditional locks are vulnerable to lost keys or unauthorized duplication. RFID tags are highly encrypted, making replicating them more challenging and ensuring that only authorized individuals can access designated storage areas.

Q: Do RFID locks need power?
A: These locks typically use standard or rechargeable batteries, such as AA or AAA batteries. These batteries power these smart locks’ internal circuitry and motor. Due to the battery power, the lock can be engaged and disengaged as needed.




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