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The Team Building Activity Of MAKE Marketing Center

    In order to enhance the cohesion and create a united, cooperative, and courageous enterprise team, on April 24, the Marketing Center of MAKE organized a “thick accumulation, continuous growth in 2020” Themed team development activities. 

The Team Building Activity Of MAKE Marketing Center(图1)


    Time: the first day
Location: MAKE Company, Zhuba, Dingshang Village

The Team Building Activity Of MAKE Marketing Center(图2) 

    At 8 o’clock in the morning, all members of MAKE Marketing Center gathered at the door.


    In this grouping, the players who reported the same number were divided into one group by reporting the number 1-4, for a total of four groups. After choosing the captain and the team name, soon, the “Thunder”, “Eagle”, “Charge” and “Wild Wolves” were formed, and everyone shouted the slogan of their respective teams with full enthusiasm Invest in the next training.

The Team Building Activity Of MAKE Marketing Center(图3) 

Walking 33km

At 9 o’clock, we started a two-day development training activity from MAKE.


At the beginning of the trek, along the way, the marketing center’s partners were dressed in uniforms and lined up. Everyone was full of energy, and the bright team songs and cheerful laughter echoed on the field, all show the marketing center’s team style and positive attitude. 


As the journey traveled longer and longer, everyone became more and more tired, and gradually some members could not keep up with the team. A member of our team dragged heavy legs and bleeding feet, led by the captain and the team members in front. Although he could give up anytime and go on a comfortable car to climb the mountain, he resolutely decided to climb to the top of the mountain himself. The night is coming, the stars are flashing in the sky. With the belief of “never cast away, never give up”, they encourage and support each other along the way, and finally slowly walk to the end together. “never cast away, never give up” is not only the belief that each of our team members always upholds, but also the consistent principle of MAKE Marketing Center.

The Team Building Activity Of MAKE Marketing Center(图4) 

    There is a long way, high and low, flat and steep, through which there are bitter and sweet, laughter and tears. In this trekking activity, we experienced happiness, fatigue, challenge, and victory together. Not only did we exercise ourselves better, but we also became more firm in the future team work and life. Faith in helping each other, progressing each other, and moving forward together.


Campfire parties, Camping

    After a day of hiking, the expected bonfire party finally came. With the bonfire lit, the red flame rushed to the sky, pushing the scene atmosphere to the climax, and also indicating that MAKE will be bright in the future, to a higher level!

The Team Building Activity Of MAKE Marketing Center(图5) 

    As the night deepened, we set up tents under the guidance of the coach.
With the beautiful starry sky, sleeping with the moon, poetic and romantic!

The Team Building Activity Of MAKE Marketing Center(图6) 

    Time: the second day
Location: DingShang Village


    Early in the morning, the forest woke up, accompanied by the sound of birds, facing the sun, we began the second day of training.


The Team Building Activity Of MAKE Marketing Center(图7)



    Card Game | Rules, sharing, communication

    This game not only tests the team’s ability to cooperate, but also tests whether each team member can seriously abide by the rules. It also tells us the importance of team information sharing and effective communication in daily work

The Team Building Activity Of MAKE Marketing Center(图8) 


    Crossing the power grid | “Unity and cooperation, wisdom and mutual assistance”

    “Be careful with your heart, hands and feet…” as the game of crossing the power grid is going on, the words of one voice of reminders continue to ring. In order to enable all members to successfully cross the power grid and let the team win the first place, all members of each group cooperate with each other and carefully help the team members cross the “line”. Although they occasionally touch the grid, they constantly try various “crossing” methods to cross the grid efficiently and quickly. The game of crossing the power grid not only makes us feel the importance of intelligent mutual assistance, but also reminds us to cooperate with each other tacitly in our daily work.

The Team Building Activity Of MAKE Marketing Center(图9) 

    Climbing ropes, team power circle | “Faith, perseverance, dare to challenge everything impossible”


    In the rope climbing game, each team member needs to climb a rope back and forth between two trees. The rope seems short, but it tests our faith and perseverance. In the face of difficulties, all of our partners dare to challenge, not to be afraid of difficulties, which not only reflects the competitive level, but also shows the unity and cooperation spirit of the marketing team.

The Team Building Activity Of MAKE Marketing Center(图10) 


    In the process of “team power circle” project, facing the big challenge of 4200 circles, everyone felt that they could not complete it at the beginning. But the fighters of the marketing center, with their strong will and belief, and with the encouragement and drive of their teammates, kept on insisting, and finally successfully completed the challenge. Although the members of the challenge squadron have been exhausted and even the palms of their hands have been blistered, the collective sense of honor makes us constantly break through ourselves, challenge one by one impossible, gain success in constant persistence, and temper our will in hard work.

The Team Building Activity Of MAKE Marketing Center(图11) 


    As night fell, we also ended this short training journey. This outreach training is a wonderful process. At the end of each project, there is an insight sharing link. Through project participation, inspiration and experience are given. Although after two days of training, everyone was tired physically, but after a wash of mind, they were sublimated!


    On the way back, everyone is still talking about the interesting things and feelings in the training happily, with endless afterthoughts… In the laughter, the team building activity of MAKE marketing center ended successfully.



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