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MAKE Fire Safety Drill, Keeping Safety Awareness In Mind

On April 16, Make Security Technology held a fire safety drill to enhance the fire safety awareness of all employees and improve the ability to deal with fire emergencies.


Fire safety is an important part of the safety production process. In order to strengthen the company’s safety and fire management and create a safe production environment, Make Security Technology regularly conducts fire safety drills every year.


Fire fighting drill

After the alarm sounded, everyone quickly evacuated along the evacuation route, covering their mouths and noses to prevent inhalation of smoke and poisonous gases, and bending over to the safe area in small steps. The whole process was tense but without panic, crowded but without pushing, and successfully achieved the purpose of this fire drill.

MAKE Fire Safety Drill, Keeping Safety Awareness In Mind(图1)

Fire operation training

After the evacuation, the fire firemen explained the use of fire extinguishers and hydrant hoses, and organized the staff to practice, so that everyone could master the basic firefighting skills.

MAKE Fire Safety Drill, Keeping Safety Awareness In Mind(图2)

In this fire safety training, Make employees have mastered more fire safety knowledge and learned fire escape skills and fire fighting methods. In daily life, each of us should raise our awareness of safety and alertness, and make it a basic job duty.



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