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What types of smart locker locks are there?

Lockers are a common device in life. We often need to store our personal belongings in lockers. With the development of technology, smart electronic locks have gradually become the new favorite of lockers, bringing different surprises to people.

What types of smart locker locks are there, and what unimaginable practical functions do they have? We have summarized the common types of smart locker locks for you.




The keypad smart lock password is composed of a series of numbers. When using, the lock is unlocked by entering the code, which has a high safety factor. Keypad smart lock include physical key code locks and touch screen key code locks. They do not require a key when used, and can be configured with a master key and management system, making it easier to use.

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RFID electronic locks with fast response functions are also a common type of smart locker locks. The induction electronic lock uses RFID technology. When the card or bracelet is close to the sensing area, it can respond quickly, which is smart and convenient. With the development of the industry, the functions of induction electronic locks have become more diverse to meet the different needs of users in diversified application scenarios.



Wireless smart lock is an emerging smart electronic lock used in locker applications. The wireless smart lock is composed of a lock, a smart key and a management platform. It has three levels of management, controllable access rights, and systematic management of lock usage records, thus providing high security. It provides all power from the key and do not require wiring during installation. This solves the problems of complex installation of smart electronic locks, frequent battery replacement and low battery life.



Intelligent electromagnetic lock is a special lock that uses electric to control the opening and closing of the door manually. It is mostly used in express lockers. When the user uses it, the central control system is linked to the unlocking mechanism of the locker. Through password, face and other recognition technologies, the locker door is automatically opened, and can be locked by gently pushing it, making it easy and convenient to use.

With the development of the smart electronic lock industry, smart locker locks have become more diverse. MAKE can provide you with professional and comprehensive solutions to help you solve your locker security and management problems.



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