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The advantages of MAKE RFID lock

RFID locks are a common lock, mainly used in lockers such as swimming pools, large factories, and gyms. However, as demand changes, consumers have put forward higher requirements for RFID locks.


In the past, many RFID lock panels were exposed. Long-term use will cause corrosion and rust, affecting the appearance. At the same time, it will also cause the waterproof function to decrease and affect the card sensing effect.

In response to the problems existing in the use of RFID locks, lock manufacturer MAKE has improved the rfid lock and launched a new lock MK729. What are the advantages of this rfid lock compared with other electronic locks?


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All metal lock body

The rfid lock MK729 is made of an all-metal lock body with a simple and elegant appearance. The metal panel design can fit perfectly with all kinds of cabinets and will not rust easily after long-term use. It neither affects the appearance nor the induction unlocking effect. It can meet the lock needs of lockers in gyms, swimming pools and other places.


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Two usage modes

Most ordinary rfid locks adopt a “one-to-one” usage mode and have limited scope of application. MK729 has public and use modes, and can be freely switched between the two modes. It can be used for personal use or for lockers in public places for easy management.


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Three-level management system

In addition to safety, lockers in public places also require frequent management, especially in response to emergencies. MK729 has  three-level management system, which can set access control permissions for users as needed to facilitate the daily management of lockers and effectively ensure the safety of lockers. Equipped with an emergency lock cylinder, the lock can be opened quickly in an emergency to prevent damage to the lock or cabinet.

Standard mounting holes

Most rfid locks require drilling holes in the cabinet to install, which requires a large installation space. MK729 adopts standard installation hole design, which requires less installation space and has a wide range of applications. The original mechanical lock can also be directly replaced to avoid new damage to the cabinet, which is convenient and worry-free.



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