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What are the locks used in the locker?

Lockers, have been a very common facility. With the development of the times, large to enterprises, hospitals, hot spring and other public places, small to family and other private space, are equipped with lockers. As an important equipment to protect the safety of our goods, lockers play a important role.


Usually, in many public places, people are used to lock their mobile phones, watches, cash and other belongings directly into the locker. However, the locker is not a safe after all. In addition to the need to pay attention to the quality of the locker, the use of locker lock also needs us to pay special attention to.


Nowadays, there are many kinds of locker locks, no matter in appearance, performance, or safety, there has been a great progress compared to the past. What locks are commonly used in lockers?  What are their advantages? Today, Make will take you to know about.


Key lock

Key lock is a kind of locks often used in lockers. As a mechanical lock widely used, the key lock has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, convenient replacement and maintenance, and has been widely used in the field of lockers. Key locks are also divided into many types: flat key lock, dimple key lock, disc key lock, etc. With the development and progress of technology, the key lock has been unable to meet the needs of public lockers, so it is gradually replaced by other lockers such as password lock.

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Combination lock

From the law of the development of technology, it seems inevitable that combination locks will gradually replace key locks. Combination lock mainly through the input of password or symbol to control the lock to open; The huge combination of passwords makes security further; Fashion, simple appearance, more highlights the grade. These advantages make the combination lock quickly become a new product widely used in the lockers.


Make’s 4 digit code locks adhere to the concept of safety guarding in function, but may subvert your impression of locker locks in appearance and design. The 4 digit code locks are safe and reliable; among them, the 4 digit code lock MK716, which independently developed by Make has a resettable function. After use, the dials will automatically return to zero, so there is no need to worry about password leakage, and the safety factor is higher!


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Smart electronic lock

As the “new favorite” in the lock industry, smart electronic locks are also commonly used in lockers. Smart electronic locks are not only beautiful, simple, stylish, and trendy in appearance, but also have multiple unlocking methods such as keypad unlocking, touch keypad unlocking, RFID unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, and face recognition unlocking. They are especially suitable for some places that need to be high-end and smart. Bring you a smart, safe and convenient working and living environment.

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All in all, there are many kinds of locks currently used in lockers, including mechanical locks, password locks, and smart electronic locks. When choosing a locker lock, you must comprehensively consider a variety of factors, try to choose a more suitable lock, and make your locker more advanced while ensuring the safety of the locker!



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