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Want to make going to work a pleasure? See how Make locks decorate the office

In recent years, open-plan offices have become very popular. The open office not only gets rid of the previous office design mode, but also makes everyone closer and communication more convenient. However, this office design model also makes everyone lose their personal space and privacy. The design of locker locks is a good way to improve employee privacy.


At present, many open-plan offices choose to install lockers, so that each employee has his own locker for storing personal belongings. The use of lockers not only facilitates employees, but also makes the entire office look more tidy and orderly. It can even decorate the office and enhance the office’s quality and aesthetics.


While lockers are commonly used in offices, the choice of locker locks is also very important. For some companies that want to create high-end office space, the appearance and texture of the locker lock affects the quality and beauty of the locker. Make locker locks have both appearance and use feel, bringing you a different office experience.


The locker lock MK716 is a lock independently developed by Make in combination with the use scene of office lockers, which provides high-end, and high-grade locks for the majority of office lockers.


MK716 is made of high-quality zinc alloy and ABS, and the surface has been treated with satin chrome plated . It has a fashionable appearance. MK716 adopts a flat design. The panel is thin and fits the locker door more closely. The appearance of the office locker is instantly improved. At the same time, the material is not easy to wear, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, and has a long service life.

Want to make going to work a pleasure? See how Make locks decorate the office - Trade News - 2


In addition to the appearance, it has a unique resettable function. When the user unlocks the lock, the dials will automatically return to zero, which will not cause the password to be leaked, and there is no need to manually disturb the dials, which fully protects the user’s privacy and property security. In addition, MK716 is equipped with a master key. When the user forgets the password, the master key can be used to open the lock urgently, and the password can also be retrieved quickly through the key, which greatly improves the management efficiency and user experience.


Make locker lock MK716 is committed to creating a safe and high-end office space, so that work becomes a kind of enjoyment! For more information, please contact us!



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