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Application of Intelligent Electronic Lock in Lockers

In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of consumption, lockers have been widely favored. Whether in shopping malls, supermarkets, amusement parks, swimming pools, classrooms, lockers have become very common. But while the locker is widely used, many people have doubts about it, that is, is the locker safe?


Locker locks are common locks on lockers and safes in schools, hospitals, factories, offices, airports, train stations, swimming pools, baths, and clubs. There are many types of locker locks, including mechanical locks, password locks, and Various smart and convenient electronic locks.


Nowadays, with the advancement of science and technology, smart electronic locks are becoming more and more popular among people. The application of smart electronic locks in lockers in many places is very common. The smart electronic lock has a beautiful and simple appearance, and the fashionable and trendy way of unlocking makes people’s lives more convenient. For now, there are mainly the following types of smart electronic locks:



Electronic code lock: The electronic code lock has the advantages of fast operation, simple and random modification of the code, and the lock can be unlocked only by entering the numbers 0-9. Compared with previous mechanical code locks, electronic code locks have further improved security performance and have a wide range of applications.


Electronic swipe lock: mainly refers to the RFID electronic swipe lock, which is a smart induction electronic lock based on radio frequency identification technology that uses radio frequency signals to identify targets and complete data interaction to achieve unlocking. The electronic card lock is safe, and it can be unlocked by means of wristbands, cards, etc. It is simple to operate, responsive, and easy to manage. It is especially suitable for saunas, gyms, hot spring centers and other places. However, electronic swipe locks need to be careful to avoid contact with strong magnetic objects to avoid weakening of magnetism.


Electronic fingerprint lock: Everyone’s fingerprints are different, so the application of fingerprint identification technology to electronic locks was once a major breakthrough in the lock industry. It is characterized by strong confidentiality, convenience and speed. However, this also has strict requirements on the dryness and humidity of the fingers. If you accidentally damage your fingerprints, you may face the embarrassing situation of identification failure and unable to enter the door. So try not to use it in a humid environment.


Although the locker lock is only a small detail of the locker, it plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the locker, and can even improve the style. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a smart electronic lock that is really suitable for your lockers.



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