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MAKE RFID electronic lock — it’s not just easy to use

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, young users are more inclined to intelligent electronic products, including a variety of smart electronic locks. Smart electronic locks are convenient and quick, which can help people solve the problem of always forgetting their keys. But the survey shows that although the intelligent electronic lock technology and security are constantly upgrading, there are still a majority of users hesitant to use intelligent electronic locks.


So, what kind of smart electronic lock can meet the needs of users? The answer is simple: it can meet the user’s safety demands, the operation is convenient, and the user experience is better. Below we will introduce to you a smart electronic lock that is popular with users today-RFID smart electronic lock.



MK732 is an upgraded version of RFID smart electronic lock from MAKE. MK732 uses radio frequency identification technology (RFID). When the card is close to the sensing area, the radio frequency line immediately senses and detects objects within 10cm, and the radio signal identifies the specific target, then read and write related data. Once the program is started, the buzzer and LED indicator light will act accordingly, and a series of unlocking actions will be completed in one go. The MK732 shell is made of zinc alloy, and the screen-printed PC panel is sturdy and durable, not easy to wear; the side has a gripper design, which is convenient for users to open and close the cabinet.


MK732 is equipped with a three-level user management system (Main-admin, Admin, User card) and two usage modes (private use and public use, two modes can be switched freely), which is not only easy for users to use, but also easy for staff to manage.


MK732 is sensitive to electromagnetic induction, accompanied by a clear beep, adapt to high temperature, low temperature, humidity and other adverse weather, service life up to 10,000 locking cycle, safe and reliable. In addition, MK732 also has invisible keyhole. When we lose RFID card, we can use the master key to open the lock, which is very convenient and can be widely used in schools, hospitals, airports, factories, natatorium and other scenes.


Since MK732 RFID smart electronic locks are used in a wide range of places, users have different needs. In addition to meeting basic needs, we can also customize programs according to user needs to ensure that users are satisfied.



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