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Password cam lock can be used somewhere you don’t know

Compared with the traditional key management lock, the password cam lock has the advantage of convenient management without key. Compared with the modern intelligent lock, the password cam lock is not controlled by the power supply and can freely adapt to any scene. However,do you know the specific scenarios in which the password tongue lock can be applied? Now,let me tell you where the password cam lock can be used.

Swimming Pool / Gym


Password cam lock can be used somewhere you don't know - Trade News - 1


Places like swimming pools and gyms have the characteristics of large flow of people and frequent use of deposit cabinets. To be matched in such scenes, the password cam lock must also be convenient for the operator to manage and users to operate. Taking into account the respective needs of the operator and the user, mk718 adds the one key reset attribute on the basis of the basic functions of the lock. After the user enters the password and successfully unlocks the lock, the four digit password wheel will automatically reset to 0000, which not only reduces the operation steps, but also improves the security of the lock. In addition, the mk718 has harsh surface treatment, and its waterproof and anti-corrosion properties make it more durable and better adapt to swimming pools and gyms.

Office / Campus

Password cam lock can be used somewhere you don't know - Trade News - 2


Lockers set in offices or campuses are usually used to store important documents or daily necessities, so there are high requirements for the safety performance of locks. As an upgraded version of Make’s four digit password cam lock, the security of mk716 is greatly improved. If the password is forgotten in an emergency, the password can be retrieved immediately by using the equipped management key. What’s more, if you even lose the management key, you don’t need to replace the whole lock. You can easily replace the original lock cylinder by using the key for changing the lock cylinder, which is safe and worry-free at the same time.

Airport / Railway station


Password cam lock can be used somewhere you don't know - Trade News - 3


If you often take trains, planes and other means of transportation, it is not difficult to find that the lockers equipped in such scenes are usually used by passengers to place large items. Locks with too large size will increase the thickness of the cabinet door, which makes it difficult to close the cabinet door. The 12mm ultra-thin lock body of mk731 subverts the traditional imagination of “ultra-thin”. Its petite body makes mk731 suitable for cabinets of any size. The anti-bacterial coating is added on the surface of the lock body, so that staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli can not stay in the surface of the lock.

No password cam lock is 100% matched with a single scene, but there must be a product that can be applied to most public scenes. Make will continue to pursue innovation and help make the safety management of lockers in public places more convenient!



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