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A Battlefield Between Traditional and Modern Deposit Cabinet Locks

The popular “battlefield” always welcomes the new and leaves the old. In the field of manufacturing, tradition and popularity are always based on one side. Without the foundation of tradition, popularity cannot be renewed. Without popularity, tradition is equal to stagnating. Renewal iteration is the life of the manufacturing industry. Although the lock manufacturing industry continues to add intelligent elements to products with the development of science and technology, the traditional locks still occupy a certain market share due to their inherent advantages. After more than ten years of market precipitation, both Make traditional and modern intelligent deposit cabinet locks have accumulated many “followers”. These “followers” stick to their own words, so the “battlefield” between traditional and modern intelligent deposit cabinet locks has been officially opened. Is it the new favorite of the market – modern intelligent deposit cabinet lock better, or is the traditional deposit cabinet lock better? Today, we will open a new chapter in the “battlefield” of Make deposit cabinet locks.



In the first round, the two players are mk706, a veteran of Make, and mk730, a new modern intelligent cabinet lock. In terms of overall performance, mk730 seems to be mostly dominant, but because mk706 does not need power supply, it can adapt to more different use scenarios, which wins with an absolute advantage. However, it is ultimately up to the “audience” to decide whether to pay for  traditional or modern.


In the second round, the competition between the two deposit cabinet locks:mk306 and mk732 was very fierce, and they were close to each other。As a representative of traditional deposit cabinet locks, mk306 has a feature beyond tradition: removeable core key system. When the key is lost, the user only needs to use the key for changing the lock cylinder and replace the original lock cylinder with a new lock cylinder to restore the use. There is no need to pry and replace the whole lock, which greatly saves the cost. The mk732 with three-level management system also makes the RFID system get rid of the unlocking mode of traditional keys. The more fashionable and versatile appearance also makes the mk732 enough to cover many scenes.

The “battlefield” of Make deposit cabinet locks has come to an end, but the competition between tradition and modern popularity continues. It may not be important to win or lose this game. The most important thing is that Make never gives up persistence and innovation: stick to the original intention of making products and constantly inject new elements into products.



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