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Evolutionary History of Make Mechanical Code Lock

The mechanical code lock born based on the demand of security management has the characteristics of high security and convenient management. After it was launched, the mechanical cipher lock quickly occupied the market. However, due to the development of technology, mechanical code lock has experienced many rounds of renewal. As a professional lock manufacturer at the front of the industry, Make has continuously added innovative elements to the classic password lock, improved the product functions and enriched the series of password lock at the same time.

Mechanical Code Lock


The first generation of mechanical code lock mk707 has all the basic equipment of traditional mechanical code lock, including four digit dials, rotating handle, probe for retrieving code and master key.



The upgraded mk707 adds two colors of silver gray and black, and adds the primary key lock detection function. It can easily retrieve the password without a probe. In case of an emergency in which the master key is lost, the traditional solution is to pry off the lock and replace it. The upgraded mk716 configures removable key. Just use the removable key to replace the lock cylinder, which can save the time and management cost of prying and replacing the old lock.

Mechanical Code Lock


At the beginning of the design, the classic mk708 of Make seized the market’s demand that the vertical and horizontal appearance of the traditional code lock would produce aesthetic boredom, and developed a new type of disc shape. As expected, it was well fed back by the market as soon as it was released.

Mechanical Code Lock


Based on the good start of mk708, Make has made great efforts in the  appearance and function of discmechanical code lock. On the basis of the original mk708 disc shape, the diamond cutting corrugated surface design is added to make the overall appearance of the lock look more high-end. The dials will automatically return to zero after the lock is opened, which greatly improves the security and confidentiality of the lock. The waterproof and anti-corrosion surface treatment also makes mk718 enough to deal with all kinds of harsh environments.

Before the release of each product of Make, it has gone through countless technical precipitation and design overthrow and reconstruction. In the upgrading of products, we do not blindly pursue speed, but hope that each product can really stand the test of the market.

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