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How to Choose A Suitable Locker Lock?

Locker in public places are widely used in gyms, campuses, swimming pools, clubs and other places. There are a wide range of locker locks on the market. How to choose a locker lock with both safety and beauty? Make will give you a comprehensive understanding of the details that should be paid attention to in the selection of locker locks.


 Locker Lock

Mk726, as a veteran RFID electronic lock of Make, is equipped with a mature RFID system, which is simple and easy to operate, and can be adapted to cabinets of any material. It can be unlocked with a wristband to make it easier for users to use. Therefore, it is very popular in all kinds of industrials. If you are a novice in the locker industry and don’t know how to choose a suitable locker lock, it’s right to choose the MK726.

 Locker Lock

The setting of digital keyboard touch screen makes the overall appearance of MK733 look low-key but luxurious. The public mode and private mode of the lock itself eliminates the necessity of RFID card and wristband. The password setting is simple and easy to operate. In the emergency situation of forgetting the password, you only need to reset it through the management password. Mk733 has not only fashionable appearance, durable features, but also intelligent attributes. These features make MK733 widely used in senior clubs, gyms and other scenes.


 Locker Lock

With a 10mm ultra-thin panel, the MK731 can perfectly fit all kinds of cabinets. The IP65 waterproof and anti-corrosion shell property make MK731 suitable for installation on the lockers in the swimming pool. Equipped with a four-level management system, the public mode and private mode can be switched freely, which greatly reduces the potential safety hazards of the product. The blue LED display light will flash every three seconds when the cabinet is occupied, prompting the user to find another empty cabinet. Thanks to a variety of intelligent and humanized functions,Mk731 is not only an excellent locker lock, but also can match the stable style of office furniture and modern furniture with various styles.

When most lock manufacturers in the market focus on the quality of locker locks, while taking into account the product performance, Make hopes to bring customers a comprehensive product experience in appearance, operation and humanized design etc.



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