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Make Office Furniture Lock, Make the Office Environment More High-end

With the increasingly modern office environment, the traditional office furniture lock obviously can not match the style of gradually high-end office furniture. As a professional lock manufacturer that has always been at the forefront of the trend, Make continues to pursue to bring more abundant visual enjoyment to customers under the background of strong enough security technology system support.

Make Office Furniture Lock, Make the Office Environment More High-end - Trade News - 1


The new office furniture lock MK716 developed by Make has been greatly upgraded on the basis of the old MK707. It is not only that the appearance color is replaced by a more fashionable silver gray from the original white, but also adds the configuration of retrieving the key (used with the key) and replacing the lock cylinder after forgetting the password. Mk716 can be easily adapted to metal, plastic and other materials. Try to replace your original password lock with MK716, and you will see a new look of the office environment.

Make Office Furniture Lock, Make the Office Environment More High-end - Trade News - 2


Under such a popular environment of electronic locks, what is the reason why MK718, as a mechanical code lock, can still be favored by the market? The diamond cut corrugated surface of MK718 makes the lock exude high-end temperament as a whole. Make adopts the most stringent surface treatment and waterproof and anti-corrosion characteristics, so that MK718 can perfectly ensure the safety of the contents of the cabinet in all kinds of severe environments.


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Public storage cabinets are often placed in the office environment. Is there such an office furniture lock that can make people judge whether the cabinet is occupied at a glance without getting close to the lockers? Mk731 is equipped with a blue LED display lamp. When the cabinet is occupied, the blue LED lamp flashes every three seconds, so that you an see whether the cabinet is empty with only one look in the distance.

Details determine the pattern. A small office furniture lock can improve the temperament of the whole office environment and let employees enjoy every minute of their working life.Make always makes you unexpected.



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