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Three RFID Electronic Lock Styles,Pick Me!

RFID technology, known as one of the information technologies with the greatest development potential in the 21st century, has been applied to the field of electronic locks more and more mature under the premise of continuous improvement of its theoretical background. The perfection of technology is bound to make the consumer put forward higher requirements for the appearance and other factors. On this basis, in order to meet the different needs of the market, Make develops a variety of styles of RFID electronic locks, covering almost all application scenarios.

RFID Electronic Lock

Intelligent RFID Electronic Lock


Different from the simple appearance design of traditional RFID locks, MK732 adopts zinc alloy shell to bring customers a new appearance experience, and the side grip design brings customers intimate use experience. Equipped with three-level management system and master key, so that the use of lock management more convenient. Stylish appearance plus powerful function support, let MK732 enough to cover more advanced gyms, saunas, airports, clubs and other places.

 RFID Electronic Lock

RFID Electronic Sensor Cam Lock


Compact MK726, the circular design makes the lines look more smooth and more convenient to use. Equipped with red and green LED indicator make the operation easy to understand. Besides, users can change the battery at any time and easily cope with emergency low power situation. Three levels of management system corresponding to the three levels of wristbands make Mk726 more suitable for schools, swimming pools, baths and other occasions. The mid-range price allows MK726 to deliver value beyond customers’ imagination.

To do simple things to the extreme, this is the spirit of craftsmanship. Not only RFID electronic lock, Make is committed to every type of lock to do the best, and to provide customers with personalized service. In the field of industrial locks and commercial locks, Make is always willing to bring customers unexpected surprises!



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