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What functions does the intelligent cabinet lock need to have?

Intelligent cabinets are widely used in the public domain. In order to facilitate the management of operators, what functions must the equipped intelligent lock have? Taking mk733 as an example to analyze the full set of functions of an excellent intelligent cabinet lock.


Three level management system

The intelligent cabinet is usually set in public places such as gym, swimming pool and sauna room. Therefore, to help the operator manage the intelligent cabinet, the intelligent lock must realize the three-level management system of Administrator-Manager-user. Mk733 is equipped with a three-level management system, which allows the operation and maintenance personnel to allocate the use authority and better control and operate the use of locks.

Fixed mode / temporary mode can be switched freely

According to different use scenarios, you can also set mk733 to two different modes: fixed mode and temporary mode. In the fixed mode,MK733 will be automatically closed 6-8 seconds after the lock is unlocked. In places with frequent personnel flow, the password of temporary mode will be automatically deleted after unlocking, and the lock will be locked after resetting the temporary password, which greatly improves the security performance and universality of the lock.

Low pressure alarm

When the power supply voltage of the lock battery is lower than 3.6V, when the user inputs the password to unlock, the blue light will flash three times before the red light, reminding the user to replace the battery as soon as possible. After the low-voltage alarm, mk733 will not be powered off immediately. After the first low-voltage alarm, the lock can be unlocked more than 100 times.



Emergency unlocking

When Mk733 cannot be unlocked in case of power failure, the equipped master key can be used for emergency unlocking. After unlocking, the intelligent lock still retains the electronic setting state before unlocking.

Intelligent locks do not have the more functions, the better. Complex function operations are difficult to learn, but cause a burden on users. Mk733 has the four characteristics listed above, which appropriately helps the intelligent cabinet operator solve the management problems and make the intelligent cabinet management easier.



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