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Make key palock,easily solve the situation of forgetting password

As long as you have a password,you can easily handle the managed keypad lock. If there is an emergency of forgetting the password, is it the only solution to remove and change the lock? Make modern intelligent keypad lock helps you easy management and no panic when your password is lost.


Mk731 with ultra-thin lock body panel, in order to fit a variety of cabinets and cover as many application scenarios as possible, the R & D team of Make specially designed the lock body into ultra mini size. If you choose to install Mk731 in your cabinet, it can not only make the overall appearance look more comfortable and atmospheric, but also help solve the worries of management. When the user forgets his password in the process of use, he only needs to enter a specific administrator password to successfully unlock the lock and change it to a new password. There are also multiple management systems, which can realize the free switching between public and private modes.


Make key palock,easily solve the situation of forgetting password - Trade News - 2

The touch screen keypad lock Mk733 meets the needs of modern people for the touch screen. At the same time, it is also equipped with the administrator password to help users reset the new password and solve the problem of retrieving the password when they forget the password. Different from other keypad locks, Mk733 is easy for users to set their own code, and can be turned off during automatic memory, which greatly improves their own security performance.

Silicone keypad lock, touch screen keypad lock…There are a wide range of keypad locks on the market. While ensuring the beauty, Make hopes to improve the product performance and bring users the most comfortable product experience.




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