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Make Four Digit Code Lock Classification Guide

The most commonly used four digit code lock among cabinet locks is favored by consumers for its advantages of no key management and short and convenient password. The same four digit code lock still has different classification. The four position mechanical code lock of TIME series independently developed by Make symbolizes the reliable and high-end quality of Make. Today, I will analyze the classification of Make TIME series four digit mechanical code lock.


Four Digit Code Lock

Disc Four Digit Code Lock

The disc four digit word code lock MK718, also known as the disc dial lock, has a classic industrial design appearance. It is unlocked by turning the digital dial. The dial is made of metal and has corrosion resistance. The built-in patented one key “0” structural design greatly improves the safety of the lock. The new generation of carved keys replaces the previous generation of code search probes to help users quickly retrieve their passwords. No battery adaptation is required to achieve “zero” maintenance cost. The waterproof and corrosion-resistant surface material is more suitable for outdoor scenes.


Four Digit Code Lock

Bar four digit code lock

The bar four digit code lock MK716, has a smooth dial movement and a built-in one key zero setting design. When the cabinet door is opened, the lock password automatically jumps back to 0000, which is labor-saving and safe. In case of the loss of the primary key, you can not only retrieve the password through the master key, but also replace the original lock cylinder through the standard replacement of the lock cylinder key, avoiding violent disassembly, which is more than a little easier.

No matter the long bar or disc four digit code lock, the code lock of Make is of high quality but not expensive. It is a high-end industrial lock that fills the atmosphere and establishes a make style with a unique style.



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