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Simple cam lock, safety performance is not simple

Cam lock, also known as tongue lock or rotary tongue lock. Cam lock is the most common lock in daily life. It is mainly suitable for cases, cabinets, office furniture and other scenes. According to different key structures, the cam lock is also divided into: tubular cam lock, laser key cam lock, dimple key cam lock and so on. As a professional manufacturer of industrial locks, Make constantly pursues innovation on the basis of conventional products .

Password cam lock

Password cam lock


Mk718, as a password cam lock, can be said to be born by combining the advantages of password lock and cma lock. It can be used without connecting the power supply, and get rid of the key management required by the cam lock. Remember the four digits to realize safety management. At the same time, mk718 has the original diamond cutting corrugated surface of Make, and its noble temperament is more suitable for deposit cabinets and dressing cabinets in high-end places such as fitness centers and swimming pools.

RFID Cam Lock

RFID Cam Lock


RFID cam lock is also an innovation of Make’s integration of cam lock and RFID technology. Mk726 has the characteristics of simple operation of cam lock, and adopts RFID technology to realize three-level management. Therefore, it is usually used in lockers in public places such as offices, swimming pools, gyms and so on. Equipped with cute cat ear emergency key, users can easily remove the shell and replace the battery.

While constantly adding new elements to the road of creating products and combining the needs of customers, this is the core value of openness and innovation that Make has always adhered to. We have been making efforts for the progress of the industrial lock industry.



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