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Have you ever seen the intelligent electronic lock with 97% antibacterial ability?

Intelligent factors are now integrated into all aspects of life: smart phones in hand, intelligent sweeping robots running on the ground, intelligent water heaters hanging in the bathroom.Intelligent details make life more convenient. How does the lock with intelligent elements protect the items in the cabinet? If you have ever tried to own a smart electronic lock of Make, you will not choose other electronic locks!

electronic lock


Can intelligent electronic lock resist bacteria? Because of COVID-19, consumers are increasingly concerned about the health and safety issues in the public domain. While focusing on the research and development of locks, MAKE brings this 97% antibacterial intelligent electronic lock mk730 in combination with market changes and consumer needs. The ability to fight against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli has reached 97%, allowing users to unlock safely .

electronic lock


Cabinets in public areas are usually equipped with locks with three-level management system, but if users forget their passwords, it will cause the management burden of administrators. Mk733 only needs to use the management password to easily modify the user password. The grip design on both sides of the lock body makes it more difficult for users to slip when opening the lock, and the intimate details greatly improve the user experience. Low power consumption mode makes the lock more durable. The light and luxurious appearance design makes mk733 widely used in airports, offices, clubs and other places.

Intelligent electronic lock of make,your best choice.



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