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Make locker lock is not afraid of wind and sun

The locker is placed in different scenes, which will put forward different requirements for the locker lock. For the lockers placed indoors, the lock of the locker is usually required to have the characteristics of beautiful and convenient management.While for outdoor lockers, due to many unstable factors of the environment, more stringent requirements are put forward for the durability and other performance convenience of locks on the basis of beautiful and convenient management. How does Make meet the requirements of lockers for locks in different scenarios?


locker lock


The locker lock outside must be exposed to the wind and sun. If the lock is not subject to strict surface treatment, it is prone to cracking, water seepage, corrosion and other problems, and the replacement cost will also bring management problems to the managers. The MK718 mechanical code lock of Make has passed the rigorous salt spray test, hundred grid test and reverse solution test. The lock itself has the performance of waterproof and anti-corrosion. It can calmly cope with the outdoor hot sun and storm, and is more durable.


locker lock


Indoor scenes have relatively loose requirements for the performance of locks, but different indoor environments still require locks to have different characteristics. MK731 has the function of occupancy reminder (when the lock is occupied, the blue LED flashes every three seconds), which is often used in offices, gyms and other scenes. Equipped with three-level management system and gorgeous appearance design, MK732 is often used in high-end places such as sauna and swimming pool.

To provide solutions for the needs of different customers, Make is not only a manufacturer of industrial locks and commercial locks, but also has been on the road of providing overall solutions for customers.



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