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How convenient is the smart card swiping lock?

Are you still bothered with managing locks with a long string of keys?


If you are the administrator of public cabinets in gym, swimming pool, sauna room and other places, do you often need to find the one matching the cabinet lock in a pile of keys? Will you also be troubled by the customer’s failure to open the cabinet door due to the loss of the key?


These problems can be easily solved by Make smart card swiping lock.


smart card swiping lock


Smart card swiping lock: it is an electronic lock using RFID technology. The lock itself is equipped with a three-level management system, which can realize the management of three different levels: Main-Admin card, Admin card and User card. The three levels correspond to three kinds of RFID cards respectively, and the cards can also be replaced with corresponding bracelets according to customer needs.


smart card swiping lock


Smart card swiping lock is most often used in the locker in gym, swimming pool and other places. The manager can provide the card or bracelet to the user through simple setting. The user can easily realize the switch lock management with the card or bracelet. If the card or bracelet is lost, the equipped emergency unlocking key can also be used for emergency unlocking, and the manager will no longer have to bury his head in finding the key!


Make smart card swiping lock helps all kinds of public cabinets to realize easy management!



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