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How to realize disassembly free replacement of the electronic locker lock?

The electronic locker lock is suitable for the cabinets in public places such as swimming pool, gym and office. The convenient and fast installation and operation has become one of the focuses of managers and users. The damage and disassembly of the lock is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also likely to cause unnecessary damage to the exquisite cabinet. Taking mk730 as an example, Make will show you how to perfectly realize disassemble free replacement of the electronic locker lock.


electronic locker lock

The lock cylinder cover of mk730 at the knob position is made of magnetic suction material.MK730 will be equipped with magnetic suction assembly and emergency key when leaving the factory. When the lock is damaged and the lock cylinder needs to be replaced, the manager only needs to use the magnetic suction assembly to remove the lock cylinder cover and use the emergency key to pull out the lock cylinder, then insert the replaced lock cylinder into the original knob with the emergency key, rotate the knob to close the lock, pull out the emergency key and put the lock cylinder cover back at the same time.





In three simple steps, the replacement and update of an electronic locer lock is completed. Complete the replacement of locks without disassembly, which ensures the efficiency of replacement and bring no damage to the cabinet.

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