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Beautiful and practical RFID electronic lock

A high-quality RFID electronic lock has a longer service life, which can reduce the replacement and operation and maintenance costs of managers. If there is a beautiful appearance, RFID electronic lock can cover more use scenes on the basis of conventional places. How can Make’s RFID electronic lock have both beauty and high quality?


RFID electronic lock

Mk732 – the new high-end RFID electronic lock of Make has a three-level user management system in terms of performance. Users can choose bracelet or RFID card for setting, and support the free switching between private use and public use modes, with no burden of management. In addition, it is also equipped with an emergency master key to deal with emergencies such as battery failure.

RFID  lock


In terms of appearance, the material of zinc alloy and the surface treatment of bright chromium make the surface of RFID electronic lock look more smooth and bright. The lock shell is separated from the battery to realize the hidden installation of the battery, which is more beautiful. At the same time, the two sides of the lock are supplemented with a grip design, which can easily grasp the lock and open it without slipping.


The high-quality RFID electronic lock has a beautiful appearance. Mk732 can often be seen even in high-end gyms, swimming pools,clubs, etc.



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