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The advantages of MAKE RFID electronic lock

An RFID lock, also known as a Radio Frequency Identification lock, is a type of electronic lock that uses RFID technology for authentication and access control. RFID technology utilizes radio waves to transmit data wirelessly between an RFID reader and a passive RFID tag.

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In the context of an RFID lock, the lock mechanism is typically controlled by an electronic system that includes an RFID reader and a locking mechanism. The system is designed to grant access only to individuals with authorized RFID tags or cards.

With the development of smart electronic locks, RFID electronic locks have been optimized in terms of structure, safety, and functions, making them more in line with the needs of the times. In this context, what advantages does MAKE  RFID electronic lock have?  Let’s take a look!


Three-level management system

MAKE RFID electronic lock has three levels of management: management level, user level, and manager level. Different usage rights can be assigned to users at different levels to meet the needs of different usage scenarios in daily life and improve management efficiency and level.

Two use modes

MAKE RFID electronic lock has the function of free switching between temporary and fixed modes. Temporary mode is mostly used in open places such as gyms, offices, and swimming pools, and can be used by multiple people. In temporary mode, the lock is in a normally open state. Users can set their own passwords and store items during use. After use, the original password is automatically cleared until the next user resets it.

The fixed mode is generally suitable for dedicated use, such as file cabinets and file cabinets with high security and confidentiality requirements, which can improve the safety of use. With this feature, users can freely switch between public and private use, reducing the installation and replacement of locks and improving usage efficiency.

In addition, MAKE RFID electronic locks also have the advantages of good appearance and good quality. Want to choose a safe RFID electronic lock service for yourself? So hurry up and learn about the RFID electronic locks and other options we offer!



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