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How does MAKE deal with the security and management problems of locker lock?

Today, as life becomes more and more convenient, lockers have brought many surprises to our lives. Whether in the office, train station, gym or swimming pool, all kinds of lockers are inseparable.

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However, with the widespread use of lockers, safety and management have gradually become a difficult problem, especially for lockers in public places. So, how does MAKE deal with the security and management problems of locker lock?

Scramble function

Is there anything more important than safety in the use of lockers? But the mechanical combination lock will always reveal our “secret” to outsiders inadvertently.

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MAKE four-digit combination locker lock keeps you away from these troubles! After the four-digit combination lock is unlocked, the wheel will automatically stay at the “0” position, which will neither reveal the password to outsiders nor disturb the combination wheel again, allowing you to say no to the leakage of password!

Master key

Although electronic locks have upgraded lockers, problems such as forgotten passwords, insufficient power, and circuit failures often occur. When encountering these situations, the master key becomes a must-have artifact for managers.

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MAKE locker locks are equipped with emergency lock cylinders and master keys. When encountering emergencies such as the locker cannot be opened, the master key can be used to unlock the lock in an emergency without destroying the lock or the cabinet, which brings convenience to the daily management and maintenance of managers.

Multi management system 

The convenient and fast management of locker lock is inseparable from the hierarchical authorization of the multi  management system.

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MAKE smart locker lock has a three management system: management level, manager level and user level. Different levels correspond to different use and management permissions. It is equipped with a master key for emergency unlocking, which is easy to use and safe.

public mode & private mode

With the diversification of application scenarios of lockers, a variety of usage requirements follow one after another, making the use and management of lockers more complicated. In order to cope with this changing trend, MAKE smart locker locks are equipped with the function of free switching between public and private modes, which can fully adapt to the characteristics of private and public places.

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MAKE  locker locks make the safety and management of lockers no longer a problem!



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