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What locks can be installed on file cabinets?

File cabinets are essential furniture for offices or homes to protect valuable and important documents or items. In order to enhance the security of filing cabinets, it is imperative to install safe and reliable filing cabinet locks.

What kind of locks can be installed on the file cabinet? Today, we’re going to explore the various High quality lock options available for filing cabinets and discuss their benefits and features.

Cam locks

One of the most common types of locks on filing cabinets is the cam lock. Cam locks include flat locks, dimple locks, tubular locks, which are easy to install and provide good security. The cam lock can also be equipped with a master key system, which can be opened quickly when the key is lost, and at the same time facilitates the management of the filing cabinet.

mechanical combination lock

Mechanical combination lock is also one of the choices for filing cabinets. The password is composed of numbers and is easy to remember. Equipped with an emergency management key, if you forget the password, you can use the management key to unlock the lock in an emergency and retrieve the original password.

Lock Supplier MAKE mechanical combination lock has the function of “scramble to zero”. After the lock is unlocked, the password wheel will automatically return to”0″ which will not cause the password to be leaked, and there is no need to manually scramble the password wheel to completely prevent the password from being leaked.


Smart electronic locks

Smart electronic locks are a great option for those looking for advanced security measures for their filing cabinets. Smart electronic locks use advanced technology to grant access to filing cabinets.


The smart electronic lock has the advantages of multi-level management functions, and can set corresponding usage permissions for different users. It is convenient for the use and management of the file cabinet while ensuring the security of internal files.


Some electronic locks can also provide information tracking function, which can record the use information of the cabinet, and facilitate the management and query of files.

There are various types of locks that can be installed on filing cabinets, and each type of lock provides different functions and security levels. Therefore, when choosing  you must choose suitable lock Quotes, based on your own needs.



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