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MAKE office furniture locks, born for safety

The office is a huge space that carries the daily office needs. As beauty, comfort, and fashion are gradually becoming new office space supporting requirements, similarly, office safety is also essential.

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With all kinds of novel furniture coming out one after another, the demand for furniture locks is also increasing. In order to prevent problems before they happen, people have higher requirements for the performance and quality of office furniture locks.

What types of office furniture locks does MAKE provide? And how to provide safety protection for office furniture, today we will take you to take stock.

Office furniture lock – cam lock

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Cam locks are a common type of lock for office furniture. MAKE office furniture cam locks adopt the abloy key system, which has good anti-theft performance and making office furniture very safe and reliable. The surface of the cam lock is treated with bright chrome and bright nickel, which is not easy to rust or corrode; the cost is low and the cost performance is high, which is a good choice for office furniture locks.

Office furniture lock – four-digit combination lock

Having a safe and comfortable office space is the immediate need of many office workers. Correspondingly, office furniture locks also need to provide sufficient security and aesthetics. Make’s four-digit combination lock has a plain and elegant appearance and versatile colors, which can be in sharp contrast with office furniture, making your filing cabinet instantly upscale. The four-digit combination lock is easy to set and easy to unlock, which can save time for opening the cabinet.

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The four-digit combination lock has added auto scrambling function and quick code-finding functions. Auto scrambling function can prevent password leaks without manually disturbing passwords; quick code finding allows users to retrieve passwords within 6 seconds, and the detailed and thoughtful design makes office life safer and more comfortable.

Office furniture lock – smart electronic lock

The development of science and technology has enabled office furniture locks to realize the combination of intelligence and convenience. MAKE smart electronic lock has password identification, RFID and Bluetooth technology, which has a high safety factor and is not easy to be cracked,while meeting the needs of office intelligence, it also gives users a sense of security.

Smart electronic locks have multi-level management levels, which are suitable for office furniture that needs to be managed, improving management efficiency and level.

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There is also the function of free switching between temporary and fixed modes. The temporary mode is suitable for public office furniture and can be authorized for users according to the needs. The fixed mode is generally suitable for file cabinets or filing cabinets), with high security, safety and reliability.

MAKE office furniture locks are of high quality and cost-effective, and have won the recognition of customers at home and abroad. In the future, we will continue to provide security for thousands of office workers, silently guarding everyone’s privacy and office safety!




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