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How to set and retrieve the password for mechanical combination lock MK718?

Mechanical combination locks are a very common type of lock in life. They use a series of numbers, words or symbols when opening. They have the advantages of stability, durability and no need for power supply.

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When you get a mechanical combination lock, how do you set a new password? How can I retrieve my password if I forget it?

For different mechanical combination lock manufacturers, the operating steps are definitely different. Today, MAKE will tell you how to set and retrieve the password for the mechanical combination lock MK718.

1、How to set a new password?

MAKE mechanical combination lock MK718 has a admin password. In order to ensure safety during use, users usually need to set a new password by themselves.


When setting a new password, first align the “”mark on the casing with the lock mark, then move the code wheel to the correct (factory) password position, and rotate the casing knob counterclockwise about 10° to the position of another“”mark on the lock surface. The two “” are aligned.

After that, turn the wheel to set a new password, then turn the housing knob clockwise to return to the unlocking mark position, and finally turn it back to the locked position, and the password will automatically return to “0”.


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2、How to retrieve password?

When you forget your password, insert the management key into the emergency lock cylinder, rotate it 90° clockwise, and then turn the four password wheels from top to bottom until they cannot be turned. The number displayed at this time is the current password. Then turn the key 90° counterclockwise back to its original position and pull it out. After the key is pulled out, the lock can be unlocked.

With the development of the industry, various functions of mechanical combination locks are continuously improved to improve the user experience. MAKE’s four-digit combination lock MK718 adopts an all-metal lock body design with a round lock body, which is compact and beautiful.

The surface adopts diamond flute cutting process, and the lock body and password wheel are made of metal, which is strong and durable and can meet daily security needs.

MK718 has automatic to zero function. After the lock is turned on and off, the password wheels are all reset to zero. There is no need for the user to deliberately disrupt the password, which effectively prevents password leakage and greatly improves the security of use.

At the same time, MK718 provides two modes: private and public, for fixed use and temporary use respectively, meeting the needs of mechanical combination locks in different scenarios.



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