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What should we do if the locker lock cannot be opened?

Lockers have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people using them to protect valuable items. In many public places such as gyms and sports halls, lockers have become standard equipment, and locker locks play an important role in protecting valuables.


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When using locker locks, we will inevitably encounter problems that the locker lock cannot be opened, such as forgetting the password and being unable to open the lock. What should we do at this time? Below, we’ll provide you with common solutions.


In the use of locker locks, a common situation is that the lock cannot be opened due to forgetting the password. At this time, we can consider using the emergency key to unlock the door.


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MAKE locker locks are generally equipped with an emergency lock cylinder. Whether it is a four-digit combination lock or a smart electronic lock, you can use the emergency key to emergency unlock the lock when encountering problems that cannot be opened.


After four-digit combination lock unlocking, in order to avoid forgetting the password again, the user can also retrieve the original password or reset the password according to the emergency key to prevent the locker lock from still being unable to be opened next time.


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For smart electronic locker locks that lack emergency keys, you can use management keys to unlock them. MAKE smart electronic lock has a three-level management system, including user level, management level and manager level. Each level has different usage and management rights. When encountering a situation where the locker lock cannot be opened, you can use the management key Carry out unlocking.

The above are some common solutions when the locker lock cannot be opened. In order to prevent the locker lock from being unable to open, MAKE would like to remind you that please try to choose a locker lock with an emergency lock cylinder and management system to make the locker more convenient to use!



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