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MAKE smart locker lock ,how to break through the management problem?

In today’s life, lockers are widely used. However, as the application coverage of lockers increases, many disadvantages of traditional lockers are obvious, such as difficult management and no trace of usage records. The birth of smart lockers is an effective ways to solve this series of problems.

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With the help of a variety of smart locker locks, smart lockers realize the intelligent and informational use and management of lockers, bringing a safe, smart and efficient item access experience to the industry, and they are constantly improving in terms of management. Break through the management method of traditional lockers.

As a professional locker lock solution provider, how did Meike smart locker lock break through the management? Below, we will share with you one by one.

master key

In the use of lockers in the past, once the user forgets the password, the locker is out of power or malfunctions, he will face the problem of a locker that cannot be opened. In some cases, it even requires breaking the lock or cabinet door to open it.

smart locker locks

MAKE smart locker lock is equipped with an emergency lock cylinder and a master key. When encountering an emergency such as the locker cannot be opened, the master key can be used to unlock the lock in an emergency without destroying the lock or the cabinet, which brings great benefits to the daily management and maintenance of managers.

multi-level management system

With the increase of application scenarios of smart lockers, in public places such as corporate units, shopping malls, gyms, etc., the management of lockers is becoming more and more difficult, which has caused troubles for operators and managers.

MAKE locker locks set up a three-level management system: management level, manager level and user level. Different levels correspond to different use and management rights. Operators and staff can authorize users to access according to needs, avoiding management and storage problems. Item confusion and other issues.

private mode and public mode

In the use of lockers, self-service access still plays an important role. In this way, the management of the locker lock is also more complicated. MAKE smart locker locks are equipped with the function of free switching between public mode and private mode, which can better adapt to the characteristics of private and public places.

smart locker locks

The private mode is suitable for fixed lockers/office furniture managed by a special person; the public mode is suitable for public lockers. After the user takes away the items after use, the password is automatically cleared until the next user resets, bringing comfortable use and management experience.

With the development of the industry, the development prospects of smart lockers are broad. MAKE will continue to upgrade the smart locker locks to realize the intelligent, informatized and convenient use and management of smart lockers, and bring more customers a smart and convenient storage experience.



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