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Types of combination cam locks


Combination cam locks are common locks on lockers and safes in schools, hospitals, factories, offices, airports, train stations, swimming pools, bathrooms, and clubs. The combination cam lock is usually opened using a series of numbers or symbols.

In terms of the rapid development of the lock industry today, combination cam lock is still a more practical lock in many application scenarios. What are the types of combination cam locks? MAKE will take its own products as an example to inventory combination cam lock for you.

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Mechanical combination cam lock is a common type of combination cam lock. MAKE combination cam lock is represented by a four digit code lock, made of zinc alloy material and treated with special processes such as powder spraying and painting on the surface. Its appearance is fashionable, simple and atmospheric.


The four digit combination lock is unlocked by turning the number wheel and has an automatic reset to “0” function, which can prevent password leakage and greatly improve the security of use. Equipped with an emergency key, the password can be quickly retrieved when forgotten, making it easy to manage and worry free to use.

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Electronic combination cam lock is another major type of combination cam lock. MAKE electronic combination lock includes keypad lock and a touch keypad lock, adopting a classic industrial design with a 10 digit password combination and high security factor; Multi level management system, easy to use and manage; IP65 waterproof and anti-corrosion grade, which can better adapt to places such as gyms and swimming pools.

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In addition, MAKE electronic combination cam lock can also be upgraded for coating materials by adding antibacterial ingredients to the zinc alloy body, which has a good antibacterial and inactivating effect on common bacteria in daily life, making the use of the password tongue lock more healthy and safe.

Whether it is a mechanical combination cam lock or an electronic combination cam lock, it can provide security and convenience for our daily life. As a supplier of combination cam lock, MAKE will continue to strive to provide more professional security solutions for the public.



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