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What are the advantages of MAKE mechanical combination locks?

Mechanical combination lock is a simple and practical anti-theft lock that uses a series of numbers, symbols, or text when opened. When each password wheel is turned to the appropriate position, the lock bolt can be opened through a gap.

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With the development of the industry, mechanical combination locks have undergone significant changes in terms of safety and functionality compared to before. As a lock solution provider, the same applies to the mechanical combination locks provided by MAKE.

What are the advantages and highlights of MAKE mechanical combination lock? Today, we will introduce one by one.

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MAKE mechanical combination lock is made of zinc alloy material, and the surface is treated with special processes such as powder spraying and painting. The appearance is fashionable, simple and atmospheric, not easy to wear, but also moisture-proof, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has a long service life. Overall, the cost-effectiveness is high.

In the past, after using mechanical combination locks, it was necessary to manually break the wheel to prevent code leakage. The MAKE mechanical combination lock has an “automatic reset” function, and the wheel will automatically reset to zero when the lock is opened. This not only prevents password leakage, but also eliminates the need for users to remember to manually reset the wheel at all times, making it convenient, safe, and worry free to use.

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At the same time, the MAKE mechanical combination lock is also equipped with an emergency management key, which has the function of finding the code for the key. When forgetting the code, the management key can be used to emergency unlock. Some mechanical combination locks can even quickly retrieve the original code in just 6 seconds, ensuring that users have no worries when using it.

In some application scenarios, mechanical password locks often have management requirements in addition to security requirements. MAKE mechanical combination lock can be configured in both public and private modes according to the personalized needs of customers. Private mode can be used by individuals or dedicated personnel with strong confidentiality, while public mode is mostly used for public storage cabinets and office furniture, making it easy for daily management.

The high safety factor and simple and practical functions make our mechanical combination lock stand out in the lock industry and become a popular lock! For more relevant information, please continue to follow us.



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