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Why the locker electronic lock must have an emergency key?

The electronic locker lock is a modern lock, compared with the traditional locker lock, it has the characteristics of intelligence and convenience. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, electronic locks are increasingly used in various fields of lockers.

 electronic locker lock

The electronic locker lock makes the key invisible, and digital passwords, RFID cards and fingerprints have become important channels for daily opening of locks. But if you are careful, you will find that in the use of the electronic lock, the emergency lock cylinder and emergency key will still be kept. So, why the electronic locker lock must have an emergency key?

There are two main reasons for this: one is the weakness of the electronic lock of the locker. For example, when the electronic lock encounters abnormal conditions such as loss of power supply, circuit failure, button failure, and forgotten password, the lock cannot be opened normally. , it will inevitably make people look helpless. At this time, the importance of emergency lock cylinders and keys can be highlighted, which can help users quickly open the locker.

 locker electronic lock

The second is that the emergency key can avoid damage to the locker. Although most electronic locks provide us with emergency unlock codes, once there is a problem with the electronic lock, it can only destroy the lock or even the entire locker, causing unnecessary losses. Therefore, the emergency lock key is an essential function used when the lock cannot be unlocked under abnormal conditions.

Based on this, MAKE electronic locker lock is equipped with an emergency lock cylinder. In the center of the rotating handle, there is an emergency lock cylinder equipped with a mechanical key. When the electronic lock cannot be opened normally, the emergency lock key can be used for emergency unlocking. It is more convenient to use.

electronic locker lock

MAKE electronic locker lock adopts all-metal lock body design, which is sturdy and durable; IP55 protection level can easily cope with various harsh environments, making the locker more secure. With the function of multi-level management system and public/private mode conversion, whether it is a locker in a public place or a locker for private use, there is no trouble in use and management.

Although the electronic locker lock becomes more intelligent and gets rid of the key, the emergency lock cylinder is still indispensable in the use of the electronic lock. If you are interested in our products, please contact us quickly!



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