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How to open and close dial combination lock?

Among many locks, you may be attracted to dial combination lock at first sight. It has compact design, concise appearance, and exquisite workmanship, which shows elegance and uniqueness.

combination lock

combination lock

Dial combination lock from MAKE is unique in appearance. Its knob is diamond-cut with grains, highlighting personalized charm, and providing comfortable rotation feel and rich unlocking experience. The lock only has a dial password and a keyhole, simple and elegant, making it easy for users to understand at a glance.
How do you open and close dial combination lock? Generally, for a mechanical lock, you insert and turn the key, then rotate the handle to unlock. For a keypad lock, you enter the password and then turn the rotary button to unlock. So, where do you rotate after entering the password for dial combination lock? Dial combination lock from MAKE cleverly integrates the knob design into the circular disk.

It is correct operation of the lock as follows:
1、Enter correct code.
2、Rotate lock body 90° clockwise to unlock.
3、After using,rotate lock body 90°counterclockwise to lock.
It is worth mentioning that dial combination lock from MAKE with stong zinc alloy lock body, which has high strength and hardness, and is sturdy and durable. The surface is treated with powder spraying, painting, electroplating, and other processes to enhance the beauty and improve the wear and corrosion resistance of the lock.

combination lock

combination lock

Dial combination lock from MAKE has four-digit password, which is simple and convenient. When a user forgets his/her password, they can also unlock the door with a master key or retrieve the password to unlock the door, thus solving the common unlocking problems that users encounter during use.The product is widely used in equipment such as storage cabinets, lockers, filing cabinets, display cabinets, ABS cabinets, and welcome to shop.



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