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Common Questions & Answers on RFID lock

RFID lock is applied to every aspect of life, such as school bag cabinets in campus, locker rooms in gym, office data cabinets, etc. In this article, we sort out some common questions about RFID lock and aim to help users dispel doubts.

What is the principle of RFID lock?

It adopts radio frequency identification technology and unlocks through magnetic cards, wristbands, passes, etc. with the characteristics of short distance, low cost, and fast response speed, providing users with high-tech and intelligent experience.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a kind of automatic identification technology, which realizes non-contact bidirectional data communication through wireless radio frequency, and uses wireless radio frequency to read and write the recording medium (electronic tag or radio frequency card), so as to achieve the purpose of identifying the target and exchanging data.

RFID lock MK732 from MAKE realizes unlocking by reading information through electromagnetic induction, support almost Mifare solution in the area of 13.65MHZ and compatible with already existing Mifare One system.

How to unlock RFID lock?

It depends on the specific product. From the perspective of unlocking methods, MK732 is equipped with two unlocking methods.

One is the IC card. It has three-level system for user administration, divided into user card, admin card, and main-admin card. If the user card is lost, the admin card can be used to unlock. The user just needs to place the card close to the card reading area to unlock by sensing.

The other is master key. It can be used as an emergency unlocking measure in case of sudden power failure, battery depletion, etc., to ensure the normal use of the lock. The user can remove the dust cover, insert the key, and rotate it to unlock.

What should I do if RFID lock cannot be unlocked?

MK732 equipped with size 7 batteries. When RFID lock cannot be unlocked, the user can check whether the battery is dead. If so, the battery should be replaced promptly. When replacing, pay attention to the positive and negative directions of the battery and do not install it backwards. In addition, users can also use master key for emergency unlocking.



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